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29. ;

Ah...so...Today's my birthday!

I...didn't do a thing... It was actually pretty lousy, haha.

Ahh, well... Sano-kun, are you feeling any better?

Oooh goodness.

Well, Sano-kun and I went to an onsen together.

It was a lot more exciting than it should have been. The way that boy drives--! I don't think he's legal to drive, anyways.. That is to say, it was really eventful... To where I was actually kind of exhausted afterwards...

Also, it seemed that the old couple who ran the place mistook us for a couple...!! What on earth! I didn't think it was so strange to see two men going to an onsen, even with such an age difference! N-not that it bothers me...well, maybe a little, it does..

It was still a lovely time. The first time I've been to an onsen in years~! We got in for free, too... It was really very nice of them, though I had a hard time not snapping for their allegations of me being associated with a teenager in that way...

Ah, Kobayashi-san, you and I should visit one sometime~ if I ever get over my insecurities.


I haven't heard from Sano-kun in a while.

Also, it doesn't seem as though anything too eventful is going down; I haven't heard a single battle won or even attempted, so far... So perhaps things are going a little slower than I had at first anticipated. Leave it to me to jump to conclusions like that, ahahaha.

It's a little boring, really, being in the position as God Candidate. I suppose I'd be better entertained if I was more in touch with my user. Still, we can't do much of anything aside give advice to our pupils, train them, just observe whatabouts.. And I haven't been able to do any of the former two, really, and there hasn't been much to observe.


A-ah, well...

First entry!

Ahhh, this community is a useful thing, isn't it? Although, I can't help but worry that it might stir up some trouble... It's like being friendly among enemies, right?

Anyways, haha, my name is Inumaru! I'm another God Candidate for the tournament, and I'm the candidate over Sano Seiichirou (who I haven't really gotten to know yet, but I have strong faith in him...).

...Hmm, I don't really know what else to say, then. "Hello", I suppose!


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